3 Signs of a Cyber-Attack

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3 Signs of a Cyber-AttackAs we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, cyber-attacks are a real threat to any business. Digitization has streamlined many processes and increased efficiency in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its risks. Prevention is a proactive strategy, but what happens if a breach has already struck? As cyber breaches are more common than ever, and the threat for being attacked is a matter of “when” not “if,” it’s time for business owners to recognize the red flags that indicate they’ve suffered a breach. As their first line of defense, Cyber Liability Insurance is a must.

Slow internet connection.

While this isn’t all that uncommon, a consistently slow network could indicate a breach. If a hacker breaches the system, they could be infiltrating the networks with spam or gathering confidential data. If the networks are unusually slow, it’s time to check the activity.

Unusual activity.

Going hand in hand with the previous point, checking on login activity to accounts can be a good indicator of a breach. If there are logins, or login attempts from unusual locations or times of day, this is a red flag. If these accounts are compromised, it could mean real trouble for the business. Therefore, establishing systems to monitor real-time actions and their consequences can help identify a breach from the start.

The computer has a mind of its own.

According to Cyber Training 365, there are some obvious signs of a breach, including:

  • Excessive pop-ups in browser or in background
  • Pop-ups occur, even when you are not actively using your browser
  • Programs automatically run when a device is started, which have not been set to do so
  • You have a hard time shutting down or restarting a device
  • Your antivirus software was disabled
  • Other actions which seem autonomous

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