4 Reasons Photographers Need Liability Insurance

Getting paid to take pictures is a dream job for aspiring photographers. As rewarding as the profession may be, it has some of the same drawbacks as other lines of work. One of these is the potential for lawsuits. How much liability insurance should a photographer have? You can discuss photographer insurance with your clients by going over with them the following reasons they need it.

1. To Err Is Human

One of the primary types of insurance every photographer needs is professional liability to protect from the legal consequences of making mistakes. Even the most experienced photographers can make errors in judgment or fall victim to circumstances that affect the quality of their pictures. Consider the following innocent mistakes that might cause a client to sue for breach of contract or negligence:

  • Arriving late at a special event
  • Losing a memory card full of pictures
  • Accidentally deleting photos

2. Signs and Artwork Are Everywhere

It is unlikely that any of your clients would intentionally photograph a trademarked picture or slogan for personal gain. However, they might commit this type of infringement on accident. Any time a photoshoot occurs outdoors, there is a risk of including a sign containing copyrighted material. While a plaintiff must prove that a photographer caused brand confusion or benefitted from the use of the copyrighted image, most photographers without insurance cannot afford legal defense.

3. Gravity Works

Every photoshoot puts a photographer at risk for claims of slip-and-fall injuries by clients. Taking photos outdoors incurs even more risk because people could fall on uneven vegetation, suffer an insect sting, or become sunburned. All these situations are grounds for lawsuits claiming personal injury.

4. Accidents Happen

Many self-employed photographers do not understand that their personal auto insurance policies may not cover their vehicles when they use them for work. As an insurance agent, you know the likelihood of being involved in a car accident is high for many demographics. Without sufficient liability insurance, your clients may end up paying out of pocket for personal injuries or damages they cause.

Photographers usually understand that they should protect their expensive camera equipment with property insurance. However, many do not realize they also need professional liability, too. Reviewing the five reasons above may help change your clients’ minds.

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