A Closer Look at Hospitality Workers’ Compensation

A Closer Look at Hospitality Workers’ CompensationThe hospitality industry covers a variety of operations, including hotels, motels, student housing, and assisted living facilities, to name a few. These complex operations place ample physical demands and strenuous activities on their employees, which opens them up for Habitational Workers Compensation claims. Not all claims can be foreseen, but many can be prevented. As seasoned experts in protecting the hospitality industry, share these insights with your clients to ensure they minimize their risk exposures and address their specific insurance needs.

Manual labor risks.

The hospitality industry has turned to automation for tasks such as checking in and monitoring guest satisfaction. However, not every process can be shifted to digitization. Cleaning, making beds, washing towels, and other similar tasks require manual labor. For this reason, musculoskeletal injuries are common among this industry.

In fact, musculoskeletal disorders are the source of most workers’ compensation claims in hotels, primarily among general housekeepers. This comes as no surprise when you consider that housekeepers can assume over 8,000 different body postures in a single shift. Some of these postures entail forceful upper limb motions in awkward positions that create potential for neck, shoulder and/or arm injuries. They are at a high risk for repetitive motion injuries from activities such as cleaning and vacuuming, executed with incorrect form, as well as back injuries, states Hotel Executive.

Preventing injuries.

As an agent, you see claims for similar injuries frequently. Here’s how your clients can minimize their claim risks.

  • Provide frequent breaks for housekeeping and front desk attendants who are required to constantly move or stand in one place for extended periods of time.
  • Provide chairs that support the spine, especially lower back and neck, for those who sit down during their shifts.
  • Provide ergonomic equipment to lessen the stress on employee’s feet, backs and wrists.
  • Require proper footwear and protective gear to minimize slips, falls and accidents.

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