Boosting Business in 2018: Corporate Sales Techniques For Insurance Agents

Corporate Insurance Sales TechniquesIn our last post, we discussed some strategies to overcome hurdles within the cyber liability insurance market. 2018 has already seen plenty of regulatory changes and new emerging markets, which makes it that much more difficult to sell insurance this year. However, selling to corporate clients can be the winning item you and your agency need this year. While it requires a little bit more finesse and experience, honing your skills to appeal to corporate customers is a lucrative way to start your year off right. Read on to discover how to improve your selling techniques when placing corporate business in the Commercial Insurance sector.

Take a different approach.

You’re not the only one who’s approaching corporate clients for their business, which is why taking the road less traveled might just pay off. Rather than contact human resources for business, think about other people within the business who are influential but oversee a different department. For example, contact the head of the customer service or public relations to get your foot in the door- but don’t waste time proving how your products could benefit their company.

Time it right.

The biggest obstacle to selling to corporate clients today is that people on the inside aren’t just busy, they’re frenzied. Small-business owners who are highly successful in landing corporate clients not only understand this but they also do something very smart: They time their sales pitches to match up with what corporate decision makers are preoccupied with at that very moment in time. Staying in the know is a lot easier than it may seem. By setting up Google alerts you can keep an eye on relevant press releases and news articles about your target clients. As a result, your pitches will be more targeted and timely, and you’re much more likely to get a response, explains IA Magazine.

Focus on how you can help, not the sales pitch.

Of course, selling them insurance is the end goal, but that doesn’t mean you have to come out of the gate selling them something. Instead, focus on how you can help, and why your services can benefit their entire company.

Be straightforward.

Pricing is a huge consideration for businesses, even corporate clients. Even though they have the capital to fund their insurance, these premiums can take up a big portion of their monthly earnings, which causes a red flag. Be upfront about cost, investment, coverage, and limits ahead of time so there are no gaps or misunderstandings when you close the deal.

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