A Double Hit from Mavon Covers Garage & Garagekeeper’s Liability Risks

Leading national wholesaler Mavon Insurance can assist you in helping clients protect their customers’ property and business in the event that accidents, injuries or property damage occur. Garage and Garagekeeper’s Liability coverages are available for auto repair shops, auto body shops, tow truck operations, detailing operations, and many others.

What’s Covered?

Garage Liability combines general liability and business auto under one policy. The general liability portion covers bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury resulting from premises, operations, products and completed operations. Business auto insurance covers bodily injury and property damage resulting from the use of autos.

Garagekeepers coverage provides protection for a customer’s autos in the care, custody or control of the insured business. This coverage is separate from the garage liability policy, and is usually written as part of the same insurance package. There is a separate limit applicable to the garagekeepers coverage based on the number and value of customer vehicles in the custody of the insured at the time of review.

Garagekeepers coverage can be provided to cover the insured’s legal liability for damage to a customer’s auto; on a direct primary basis, which provides coverage whether or not the insured has been negligent and is legally liable; or direct excess, which provides a combination of these two options. The limit for the garagekeepers coverage will be determined by the number of customers’ autos in the care of the insured and the average value of those autos. Our staff will review the details of each option with you to determine what is appropriate for your client’s exposures.

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