How Business Can Prevent Cyber-Attacks

How Business Can Prevent Cyber-AttacksIn today’s interconnected environment, business all but rely on technology and data storage for their daily operations. While this resource allows businesses to run efficiently, it also poses some significant threats in terms of hackers. Over the years, these cyber-breaches have become increasingly popular, turning the “if” into a matter of “when” a breach will plague a business. Without the right Cyber Liability Insurance, a business runs the risk of never recovering and potentially closing their doors forever. In this article, we’re going to explore how businesses can take proactive steps to reduce their exposure and protect their bottom lines.

Create an internal cyber policy.

Businesses of all types should identify where their exposures lie and know how to protect them. From web browsing to setting passwords on all devices to requiring two-step authentication, these risks can be significantly reduced. Business owners and management teams can inform employees of the risks that come along with opening unknown emails, clicking on attachments, and replying to phishing emails.

Update systems.

As new software and protection updates become available, install them immediately. Up to date operating systems are less likely to be compromised and lessens any cracks in the network’s security systems.

Use cloud services to store data.

According to Business 2 Community, many businesses save both money and time by using cloud services for handling their application needs and data storage. It can often be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses to purchase, manage and maintain server farms.

Stay on top of passwords.

Change passwords frequently and do not allow employees to choose obvious words as their passwords. In addition to creating passwords with numbers, letters, and symbols, they should be changed at least every 3 months and different ones should be used across different platforms.

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