How Homeowners Can Protect Their Property When on Vacation

How Homeowners Can Protect Their Property When on VacationGoing on vacation is a nice way to relax and get a break, but preparing yourself and your home for your departure can sometimes be stressful. Homeowners have to make sure they are packed, plan to have any pets or plants taken care of and ensure they are covered at work so they can have a little peace of mind. Of course, they usually want to make sure their property is protected while they’re gone, too.

As an insurance agent, you do everything you can to protect your clients and set them up for success, but what additional advice or tips can you give them when they leave their home and their property behind to go on vacation?

  • Invest in security. Whether it be a professionally monitored alarm system or a self-monitored one that can be managed from a smart phone, having cameras or sensors installed at key points in a house can protect from break-ins and scouts – those that look for changes to determine when a home will be vacant so they can come back and steal valuables. (Note: if going on a cruise, an international destination or somewhere with spotty cell service, a self-monitored security system may not be the best bet. In those cases, allowing a trusted friend or family member to have access to your system may be beneficial.)
  • Don’t post publicly on social media about your vacation until you return. It’s so fun to share those vacation shots on Instagram, or brag about your amazing trip, but that’s precisely what some calculating criminals look for to help them decide when they’ll make an uninvited visit to your home to relieve you of your valuables. Wait until you get home to post them, or make sure that you have those photos set to “friends only.”
  • Set your thermostat (or get a smart thermostat). Make sure the temperature in your house isn’t set too low in winter, to ensure your pipes don’t freeze. Bonus: with a smart or programmable thermometer, you can set it to warm (or cool) the house so it’s a comfortable temperature when you arrive home!
  • Don’t forget about environmental sensors as well. Floods, fire and Carbon Monoxide can all cause damage that security cameras won’t likely catch, and if they do, it will be too late. Homeowners should ensure that they have detectors in place that can watch for these types of disasters and warn them or someone nearby if levels of water, smoke or carbon monoxide get too high.
  • Be friendly with neighbors. When the people in your neighborhood know you and you trust them, you can ask them to check on your house or you can trust them to keep an eye out for anything that might seem wrong regarding your house or property.
  • Review insurance coverage. Homeowners should set aside a little time before a vacation to speak with their insurance agent to ensure their personal lines insurance will properly cover any potential losses that may occur in their absence. Agents should also suggest that the homeowner updates their personal inventory list to make the claim filing process easier, if something does happen while they’re away.

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