Recommended Insurance Coverages for Carpenters

Recommended Insurance Coverages for CarpentersCarpenters, similar to other artisan contractors, face a variety of risk exposures each day. While the job might require substantial physical and mental exertion, there are ways for these experts to protect themselves. The more knowledge you can share as an agent, the more likely they are to feel secure in making a comprehensive purchase with you. In this article, we’ll explore the most important Carpenter Insurance Policies these professionals need.

General Liability.

This comprehensive policy is the number one requirement for contractors of any type. From outdoor vandalism to material storage risks and more, this policy serves to protect their bottom lines.

Job-site operations for carpenters include the potential for injury to the public or to employees of other contractors, or damage to their property or completed work. Tools, power cords, building materials and scrap materials all pose trip hazards. The use of saws and other power or hand tools is hazardous to bystanders and other subcontractors on the job-site. In enclosed buildings, build-up of dust and scraps represents a potentially catastrophic fire risk. Disposal of waste materials (dust, scrap, varnishes or paints) could also create an environmental concern. Finally, the use of subcontractors as well as any contractual liability exposures should be reviewed for coverage.

Workers’ Compensation.

Handling nails, power tools, saws, hammers, chisels and more open up carpenters to a variety of injuries. In addition, these experts work outside in drastic temperatures and are often climbing buildings and scaling scaffolding, which increases risk for dehydration, frostbite, falls, and more. Workers’ Compensation ensures that the contractor’s bottom line is protected should their employees suffer an injury.

Commercial Property Coverage.

If the contractor owns their own commercial building, this coverage should be purchased to protect their assets. This includes coverage for equipment, vehicles, stored items, and more.

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