The Insurance Requirements of Manufactured Homes

Owning a home comes with a checklist of things homeowners need to get coverage for. Personal items, cars, liabilities when guests come and stay, and a solid homeowners insurance plan offered through personal lines insurance wholesalers. But what about coverage for those who own a manufactured home? Are their needs different?

It used to be that manufactured homes were basic rectangular structures without a lot of the trimmings a normal house would have. But today, manufactured homes can be elegant, high-tech, and even more enviable than a house built in a neighborhood. Quality of manufactured homes as well as features can range significantly, but with more demand around environmentally-friendly, tech-savvy, and disability-friendly options, insurance requirements have changed.

Special Coverages for Manufactured Homes

Due to the specialized and very specific types of risks these homes represent, some home insurance options can be more difficult to obtain based on the location of the manufactured home.   Be aware of exposure to flood, earthquake and wind and find out if coverage is available.

Covering Claims

Homeowners of these houses might ask about what the basis of claims settlement is on their policy. They may want to know more about replacement costs for both total and partial losses or actual cash value on partial losses.

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