The Liabilities of a Backyard Swimming Pool

The Liabilities of a Backyard Swimming PoolOver 15 percent of adults and 36 percent of children aged 7-17 go swimming at least six times per year, according to the CDC, and for homes featuring a backyard swimming pool (a common feature for many high-end homes), this figure is likely much higher. This means that it’s important for these homeowners to keep both their assets and their friends and family protected. When speaking with clients with this feature in their homes, be aware of the following risks.

Some Issues to Consider

If an injury happens, it’s on the owner of the pool. In general, homeowners are held liable for any injury or death that happens on their property. This holds true even if the individual accesses a pool without the homeowner’s permission, even if the individual is a neighbor, a friend, or a family member. If someone sneaks into a pool, the owner is liable for any injury that happens while they are there. If a drowning occurs, it can result in a serious lawsuit.

Liability Concerns are Imperative

It’s important to incorporate safety precautions whether you own or rent a home, especially if it has a pool. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury death among children ages 1-4. It’s important to watch each occupant closely, one-at-a-time. The most dangerous situations arise when no one is in the pool, according to Keller & Keller. One way to help against this situation is by installing a gate around the area. If the area is secured with a lock, it’s less prone to accidents happening. Adding an alarm to the gate is another way that homeowners can make sure they know when people are accessing the pool.

Safety Precautions are Indispensable

Staying safe is important when owning a backyard swimming pool. If you own a pool, you’re going to have to purchase high end home insurance. Owning a pool means that you have to worry about the aspect of drowning, as well as upkeep. Drowning can happen at any time, making you liable for certain injuries. You can decrease the risk of pool injuries with simple things, such as making the pool not accessible when you’re not around. Make keys for the pool that only you have access to. This means that only certain people can use the pool, not just anyone. Another way to insure safety is by always having a sober adult present that can effectively monitor the situation. This is especially important to have when there’s children around the pool.

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