Tips for Serving Alcohol Responsibly

If your insurance client’s bar, tavern or restaurant serves alcohol on the premises, they need to know that following essential guidelines and alcohol server safety tips is critical for complying with legal regulations and avoiding legal liability issues, but also for keeping staff and patrons safe. Even if your clients have already signed up for extensive Bar and Tavern Insurance, instituting a few key guidelines and following some tried-and-true safety tips can help them avoid legal troubles and ensure the security of employees and customers alike. Take a look at these tips you can share with your clients on how they can serve alcohol in their business the responsible way.

Set Strict House Rules and Policies for Serving Alcohol

Before your client can drill down to finer details, they need to have set house rules and policies for serving and handling alcohol. Without these rules, your client may be risking legal action. Advise your clients to:

  • Always check IDs for both the customer ordering his or her drinks and others for whom the customer may be ordering drinks
  • Set a strict drink limit and enforce the limit
  • Avoid serving multiple drinks to a single customer at a time

Have Set Measurements for the Amount of Alcohol in Mixed Drinks

Another tip that can help your clients serve alcohol responsibly is to make sure all mixed drinks are made with carefully measured portions of alcohol. This easy mechanism helps to:

  • Keep drinks consistent
  • Avoid making a given drink overly alcoholic
  • Keep costs down
  • Prevent customer drunkenness and unruliness

Ensure All Staff Is Well-Trained and Understands Practical and Legal Issues

Finally, there may be no greater safeguard against alcohol-related lawsuits for your clients than making sure their staff is well-trained and equipped to handle incidents on the premises. For instance, your clients may already train their bartenders in how to prepare different types of alcoholic beverages, but may need to institute other rules for them to follow, such as always checking customer IDs before providing drinks and setting strict age limits. You may also want to help your client decide when to cut patrons off from further drinks. Some common signs to use as a guidepost include glazed-over eyes, excessively aggressive behavior, slurred speech and a lack of motor control.

If your Bar and Tavern Insurance clients need some guidance with regards to serving alcohol responsibly and avoiding common legal liability issues relating to alcohol sales, it’s imperative that they follow these rules of thumb. Make sure your clients know to set strict house rules, measure the amount of alcohol poured into their drinks and train all staff thoroughly to avoid issues and continue serving alcohol in a safe and truly responsible manner.

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