What Homeowners Need to Know About Winter Weather Claims

What Homeowners Need to Know About Winter Weather ClaimsWinter is just around the corner, and with it comes indulgences that are unique to the season, such as holiday parties, playtime in the snow and cozying up in front of the fireplace. Unfortunately, winter weather also brings with it a variety of seasonal perils for homeowners – some that they may not even be aware of. Snow, ice, water, wind and extreme cold weather can lead to property damage, insurance claims and even lawsuits. To make matters worse, some winter perils are not even covered by a standard home insurance policy, requiring additional personal lines insurance policies to mitigate.

So what can your clients do to try and reduce their chances of dealing with costly and frustrating winter hazards? Below are some of the most important things that homeowners need to know about winter weather claims.

The Most Common and Costly Claims

Most homeowners insurance claims in the winter are a direct result of the weather condition. Among the most common types of claims are: frozen pipes, wind damage, hail damage, roof damage from ice and snow, falling trees and fires. These prevalent perils cause billions of dollars in insured losses each year. Most of the above are covered by a standard home insurance policy, though some types of flood damage following a winter weather event may be excluded.

Liability Claims Are Probable, Too

Most homeowners are focused on the risks of damage to their homes, but there is also a significant risk involved in not properly maintaining their property. Winter holidays often bring increased visitors to homes, and those guests can become injured by something as simple as slipping on a walkway, leaving the homeowner responsible to pay for medical and recovery costs. Fortunately, most standard home insurance policies cover the type of liability, however it’s still a good idea to try to be proactive in trying to prevent slip-and-fall accidents from occurring in the first place.

A Little Extra Preparation Can Reduce Winter Weather Risks

Winter weather requires a bit of additional vigilance to keep home insurance claims at bay. While homeowners are certainly at the mercy of mother nature in any season, they can still improve their chances of avoiding some seasonal hazards with a little preparation. Before temperatures drop too low, homeowners should inspect their home and property and take care of any necessary cleaning and maintenance. When the extreme cold rolls in, they should take precautions to keep their pipes from freezing and practice safe heater usage. When the snow piles up, it may be necessary to remove some of it from roofs, walkways and driveways.

When homeowners take the initiative to reduce their risks of damages and liabilities, they also reduce the probability of having to go through the claims process and possibly drive up their premiums for the next year, saving them a lot of stress and money in the long run.

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