What Insurance Do Videographers Need?

Videos are all around us. YouTube is nearly the most popular website in the world — second only to Google — and you can’t log on to the web without being inundated with video content. These videos don’t just appear out of nowhere, though. Talented videographers are creating this content for advertisements, web pages, and private clients. These creative professionals might wonder what type of insurance a videographer needs. The following three types of videographer insurance are vital for any professional in this field. The next time you’re connecting with a creative client, let them know about all of the benefits that they can enjoy from these policies.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance for commercial clients is an absolute must-have. A general liability policy is advantageous to videographers because it provides coverage in the event of a third-party accident, unintentional property damage, and even injuries caused to a client. Though nobody plans for problems like these, the potential expense far outweighs videographer insurance costs, making it a worthwhile investment for any independent videography professional who regularly works with clients and colleagues.

Professional Liability Insurance

General liability protects against accidents and damage, but professional liability offers an additional layer of coverage that can be even more helpful to professional videographers. If clients are unsatisfied with the work, or if an employee claims they were not fairly compensated, professional liability insurance can shield videographers from disaster. This type of coverage is intended to protect videographers and other professional creatives from the potential financial impact of a business disagreement — and these disagreements happen far more often than they may imagine!

Workers Compensation Insurance

Anybody who maintains a videography business that employs any part-time or full-time employees is vulnerable to a world of liability that they may not even be aware of. If a worker claims to be injured on the job and seeks compensation, it could be financially ruinous if a videographer doesn’t carry workers compensation insurance. Additionally, depending on the size of the business and the number of its employees, it may be required by the state that they buy a workers compensation policy. This is one of the most important types of videographer insurance.

Protecting Videography Businesses

Videography is an art, but for many, it’s also a business. Protecting this business is essential — especially when clients and employees rely on it for content and income. Videographer insurance is the most effective way to provide coverage to your creative clients and ensure that they aren’t left vulnerable to the expenses of accidents. The next time you’re marketing to a videographer, make sure they’re fully aware of the type of insurance a videographer needs, so that they can make an informed choice about their coverage.

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