What to Do Immediately Following a Breach

What to Do Immediately Following a BreachA cyber-attack is one of the worst-case scenarios for any of your clients. As an insurance agent, you want to protect your customers in the most comprehensive (and affordable) way possible. Enter Cyber Liability Insurance. In the event one of your professional clients suffers a breach, this is going to be their first line of defense. Depending on the size of their operation and their reserve funds, a breach could bankrupt the business. Therefore, to give your clients the quality insurance and peace of mind they deserve, share this information with them.

Don’t panic.

While this is easier said than done, keeping a clear and focused mind can ensure the breach is remedied quickly. It can be a challenge to overcome the urgency of the situation and all of the potential consequences an attack will bring, but being able to spring into action immediately is what’s going to save the instance from progressing.

Initiate the response plan.

Creating a response plan prior to an attack is one of the best ways to mitigate loss in the event of a breach. Initiate the response plan immediately and start notifying the necessary people who need to do their part.

Leave the servers on.

Leave the servers and backup servers on after an attack. The backup server can help to mitigate damage and operate on a network that hasn’t been compromised while the root cause is investigated.

The reason you do not want to turn off the servers is so you can later analyze the evidence. It will let you know what happened, as well as where and how the breach took place. This information will let you discover the areas where your site was vulnerable so you can shore them up in the future, explains Cujo, a digital security specialist.

Handle the aftermath.

This is the time for your clients to take a hard look at their practices and make the changes as needed. This includes:

  • Implementing good digital habits, including creating strong passwords, monitoring sensitive information, and being cognizant of the dangers that are associated with using mobile devices.
  • Encrypting data.
  • Increasing network security.
  • Having the potential vulnerabilities and exposures evaluated by a professional.
  • Notifying affected parties.
  • Managing reputation and hire lawyers as needed.

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