Why Do DJs Need Liability Insurance?

The term “disc jockey,” usually shortened to DJ, has evolved through the years. No longer does it solely refer only to a person with a smooth voice behind the mic in a radio station. Today, DJs play recorded music on internet radio as well as live in venues such as clubs and bars. Music festivals or special events may feature a DJ, and sometimes private celebrations, including weddings, also hire DJs.

Mobile DJs especially have a great deal of expensive equipment that allows them to create exciting sounds that get people moving. These DJs face more risks than those working in a station or set location, and they need DJ insurance. If you wonder why a DJ needs insurance, here are the types of coverage needed and some compelling reasons why buying insurance is a great move.

Public Liability Coverage

When DJs go to work, their surroundings are often busy, crowded, and sometimes cramped. Public liability coverage is a key component of DJ insurance. This type of coverage protects DJs financially against liability claims if they accidentally injure someone or someone else’s equipment.

Injuries can come suddenly from out of nowhere. Perhaps a guest at a venue trips on a wire or extension cord and holds the DJ responsible. Public liability coverage is designed just for this type of situation. Likewise, DJs may accidentally damage a stage or wall as they set up for a show. Public liability covers legal costs for this type of damage. In addition, most venues require DJs to have public liability insurance before they can perform there.

Performance Coverage

This type of insurance protects DJs financially if they cannot perform live. The plugs might be pulled on performances for multiple reasons, including:

  • Personal injuries – If a DJ jumps off the stage as part of the show and breaks an ankle, any time off from work will be covered with performance insurance. This coverage usually pays for 52 weeks off work, whether DJs spin discs for a living or have day jobs.
  • Equipment failure – Should some of the complex electronics DJs use today break down, performance insurance pays for costs to repair or replace the equipment.
  • Equipment rental – This coverage pays for DJs to hire musical equipment from reputable dealers while their own equipment is being repaired.

This aspect alone is a great reason why every DJ should consider DJ insurance.

Equipment Coverage

The flashy electronic equipment DJs use also catches the eyes of thieves. Sometimes items can be lost in transit, especially with frequent traveling. Maybe a guest spills a drink on one of the decks. Equipment coverage pays for repairs and replacements.

People count on DJs to keep the beats coming. For their part, DJs need solid backup in an uncertain world from quality DJ insurance. With great coverage, the music keeps playing.

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