Winter Safety Risks for Manufactured Homes

For homeowners, the winter season brings with it a number of weather issues that can cause potential damage to houses and properties. The same goes for manufactured homes as preparing them for the harsher months is vitally important. However, there are some unique opportunities that manufactured homes present during winter when it comes to keeping everything safe and protected from the harsh weather.

The following list of risks and responses can help manufactured homeowners prepare for the coming winter and maintain safety and keep risks low.

Skirting and Ventilation

During winter, it may be expected to spend the majority of our time indoors compared to outdoors, at least in certain parts of the country where snow and sleet take over the grounds. Because of this, good ventilation in our homes is crucial. Skirting should be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, allowing adequate ventilation so that things like odor and condensation don’t happen. Drain lines from the air conditioner and heat pump should all drain to the outside as well.

All access points in skirting should be closed to keep animals away and not living underneath a manufactured home.

Water Lines

Freezing and bursting pipes are common during the winter and can be an expensive headache to deal with. During colder weather, ruptured pipes can result in thousands of dollars in repair costs. Water lines should be kept safe by wrapping them first with the right kind of heat cable. Homeowners should check to make sure heat tapes are plugged in and installed and in good working condition at the beginning of winter, before it gets too cold. If homeowners are planning on being gone from their homes for longer periods of time, it’s best to shut the water off completely.

Avoiding Sewer Buildup

No one wants to have to deal with sewage issues any time of the year, let alone during the cold, dark, and snowy months. Sewer lines should be installed to allow the proper angle for adequate drainage. If a sewer line has any sagging in it or low spots, a homeowner can tie the line up to the frame. This will help keep the flow of sewage going. Also, fix any and all plumbing leaks to keep sewer lines from freezing up. Sometimes toilet tanks can leak, even if they’re small and unnoticeable at first.

Keep away from pouring small amounts of liquid into sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, as any small amount of liquid can freeze in a drain during severely cold times.

Always Stay Insured

A major way manufactured homeowners can be protected from wintry risks is through effective coverage for manufactured homes. Offer through personal lines insurance wholesalers, manufactured home insurance is a niche product meant to protect the nuances of owning such a property. This kind of coverage can help to keep homes safe during winter while homeowners do their best to keep risks low.

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